Vanilla Almond Pancakes

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What is it about Monday mornings that just make you want to be back in bed? I don’t know about you, but I’m not big on Mondays.

There’s just something about the weekend that is so relaxing. How often do you get to sleep in during the week? How often do you get to make a fancy breakfast on a weekday? The answer is not very often. At least for me.

Today I’m sharing a little highlight from my weekend: Vanilla Almond Pancakes. I made these for the Living Litehouse blog and they feature a delicious granola and yogurt topping.

I’m usually a traditional syrup and butter kind of gal when it comes to pancakes but I love the addition of crunchy granola on these homemade pancakes. I also used a tasty Greek yogurt dip from Litehouse called Opadipity. It’s creamy and smooth, lightly sweetened, and great for dipping or topping.

Now, I know it’s Monday but what are you most looking forward to this weekend?

Get the recipe for Vanilla Almond Pancakes!

Vanilla Almond Pancakes


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